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Fairchild Imaging offers a wide range of products, ranging from high speed TDI sensors which are designed for hyperspectral imaging to very low noise CMOS  arrays which are ideal for scientific and security applications and even whole wafer sized front illuminated CCDs that are employed in crystallography and electron microscopy.  Our devices allow imaging throughout the full spectrum ranging from x-ray through the visible to the NIR with excellent quantum efficiency.

We have a variety of digital imaging systems which have been developed for specific application areas, such as our camera for dental/medical x-ray imaging and our SciMOS camera for scientific equipment manufacturers. We have expertise in enabling capabilities such as fiber optic and scintillator attach, custom filter deposition and multi-sensor alignment on a single package which provides our customers with the widest range of features and capabilities for use in their demanding applications.


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  • Focal Plane Arrays

    Since the 1970s, we have been providing high-performance Fairchild Imaging focal plane arrays (FPA) for almost every conceivable imaging application.


    • sCMOS

      Our sCMOS sensors are revolutionary imaging devices, developed over multiple years by some of the top CMOS designers in the industry, which exhibit the following exceptional qualities:


    • Custom Sensors

      Fairchild Imaging has extensive experience in the design of application-specific CCD and CMOS sensors. We have designed a range of custom products from linear arrays to TDI CCDs to wafer scale,...

    • Thermal Camera Cores

      Our thermal camera cores are for makers of thermal imaging solutions for commercial, civil and military markets who seek class leading performance at an affordable price.